Pacific Coast School

School Board has approved the bylaw that will see the Pacific Coast School relocate to the Ocean Centre Mall … an2011.pdf

Wouldn’t it make more sense to use one of the many closed schools we seem to be accumulating?

Aw geez, what would have made real sense is for the school to have opened in the Cow Bay site. Wasn’t it larger? The perfect fit? Wasn’t it our brainiac mayor who shut the door on this proposal? Man, what HAS he done that’s any good lately?
As for going back into a closed school…what number of students are we taking about here? 50? 60? 70? Weren’t these schools shut because (a) student numbers dropped to under 100 and the cost of maintaining (heat, light etc) was prohibitive and (b) the repairs and upkeep necessary was and probably still is beyond what taxpayers can afford?

Too bad they closed that little cigarette shop, would have been great for business !!!

Is anyone concerned about the kids being in such close proximity to the NH group “The Core”? Im not generalizing but there are quite a few clients that hang out in that area and some have some very serious mental issues too. Not a great idea, is it?

Perhaps the students could learn something from the clients of the CORE. Wise up - they have mental health issues - they’re not axe-murderers and child molestors…

Reactions like the one above are the reason people are afraid to admit they suffer mental illness.

My concern with using the Ocean Centre would be more related to cost???

Is the poster who worried about students being around people from “The Core” for real? The people who go to the CORE suffer from a mental illness. They have enough problems without attitudes like this. I know many of the clients at the Core as they are mostly all poverty level and go to the Salvation Army as well. Most of them would give you the shirt off your back if you needed it. Having a mental illness is enough to cope with, lets not add prejudice to their load.

My understanding is that the district looked at the OP site before deciding to go with Cow Bay. I think the cost of renovation at OP was far too high…at that time. Things (real estate) have probably changed since then.

I am deeply saddened by the ignorance of this post… Most of the people who attend The Core have enough deal with (mainly poverty issues) without this kind of thinking. As someone who worked very hard to over come the challenges of a mental illness I am deeply appalled by what you have to say. I wish the Pacific School the very best in it’s new location. Let’s hope the people who attend Core don’t face the ignorance of more people like you. I am sure many general statments could be made about the kids who attend Pacific school as well, but thankfully Prince Rupert is a community that for the most part embraces diversity. Having places like Pacific School and the Core in a central location helps people with challenges feel less isolated…

Right on Northernguy could not have said it better myself. Inclusion ie meaning to be included not Seculsion meaning to be secluded. FYI Jazelle amlost 90% of people suffer from some form of mental illness. Depression being the highest one. I have worked with the people that attend the core they are a great group of people. I treat people like I want to be treated, with repsect and kindness, and guess what 99.9 of the time it is reciprocated.