Pacific Coast name change

We see in the Snoozle today that the SD is planning on changing the name of the Pacific coast school…

Perhaps we can help them out with their quest…

Something prestigious and reflective of the task at hand.

So my suggestion much like Boston has MIT,
we could have our very own MIG…

Mainframe Institute of Geotechnology (and of course a nod to one of its instructors)

Offer up your solutions below if you wish… 

Well, the old alternate school was called Kaien Island, and some people want the new school to keep that name.

However, since the district now has Lax Kxeen, it doesn’t make sense to me to have two schools with the same name.

Pacific Coast School was supposed to be a temporary name, but I think it works just fine. 

Herb Pond Memorial School

Agreed.  Works for me.

I like Pacific Coast School.  I didn’t know it was supposed to be temporary, but it’s a good name.

U got to be kidding No way what has he done for this town NOTTA. anyways if it is a memorial then  do for somebody who has died and done something

u think that he was serious ?

i say name it “The School”  catchy eh  :smiley:

Whatever they name it, I think some people posting in this thread need to attend there.

Dude,  your dumb!  Theirs no chance, no way NOTTA that I would go to that skool!

well garsh darn et i alweys thot we is a smert bunch in hare :smiley:


Angus McDonald Finishing School

Seeing that he was very instrumental in bringing such programs into Prince Rupert in order to help youth achieve their goals. I know this because I worked in one of them on Third Ave. I think that would be very fitting.

Angus McDonald Fishing School ?

Finishing school? Are they going to teach them to drink tea with their little finger sticking out?

Well of course it should reflect  Eric Mercer in some way as this was his pet project.
He spent thousands of $$$$ researching and backing this school.

Angus McDonald Alternate School, plain and simple.

The Shamwow Place of Educational Cleansing

Those Germans make good stuff.

I think SD 52 made a mistake when they named Lax Keen and did not carry on the Booth name,
FYI William Booth was killed trying to save some school kids from being run over by a team of horses, the name has resonance in PR and should be continued and not consigned to a placque on a rock in a school ground.

SD 52 could have renamed any one of the schools whose name is basically their address
i:e Conrad, Westview, Seal Cove, Pineridge, Roosevelt etc.