Overdose at Occupy Vancouver

I just learned that a woman has died from an overdose at the Occupy Vancouver encampment. Can anyone confirm this?

Don’t know about any overdoses today, there was one on Thursday (non fatal) that led to some tense times between the FD, PD and the er, residents.

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They read some kind of manifesto yesterday about not recognizing the authority of the Fire Department, Police Department or City of Vancouver.

I imagine they could have thrown the Health Board on the list too but probably were in such a hurry to issue their call to action that they forgot them.

I’ll keep my eyes open for an update about any kind of situation there today.

Here you go an update, that indeed someone has died at the Occupied Vancouver site, overdose suspected but not confirmed yet…

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Passed by the encampment few weeks ago when I was in Vancouver, it looks like some sort of a relatively peaceful rebel camp with some radical far-left nutters and junkies inside. Just amazed how they fit so many tents in such a small land space around the Art Gallery, which I can see why it’s breeding place for health and safety problems.

Reading the news as of late, it seems the people behind this particular leaderless movement are pretty irrational to the point they should go and move on. They’re just there for a convenient reason.

BTW I support the OWS, but not the OV from the first day.

EDIT: Condolence to Ashley’s family and friends. 20 Years is too young.

You running dog lackey of the Wall St. imperialists!
I’m wondering what Vancouver will do. Flatten the camp, arrest everyone and dish out fines to people with no money. Not like anyone left there has a job.


You know, OV is like a beehive that you wouldn’t want to poke with a stick at. I totally agree with Gregor Robertson on this one, anybody don’t want to see Downtown Vancouver end up becoming another Oakland Riot with a super-sized encampment. Hell, Vancouver just had a large-scale riot a few months ago…

EDIT: This Facebook page is very entertaining to read: facebook.com/occupyvancouver

And this one is tamer, and for some reason is the second largest despite being the “official” page of the movement: facebook.com/OccupyVanCity

I guess people like the nuttier one. =.=

EDIT 2: “We humbly acknowledge that Occupy Vancouver is taking place on unceded Coast Salish territories.” ~ facebook.com/OccupyVanCity


“I have directed the city manager to expedite the appropriate steps to end the encampment as soon as possible with a safe resolution being absolutely critical to that” ~ Mayor Gregor Robertson

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Oh good. Go get the Chief and he can ask them to leave.

Nice way to regain support for the Occupy Vancouver movement, Kiki:

Demonstrators say they won’t leave encampment peacefullyMasked protesters infiltrate Occupy Vancouver

Meanwhile in Halifax:

Occupy Halifax makes room for Remembrance Day ~ CBC

*"Meanwhile, in Halifax protesters were leaving their site voluntarily to make way for Remembrance Day ceremonies scheduled to take place at the Grand Parade Square on Nov. 11.

Groups purchased brooms and began scrubbing down monuments. The rally is expected to relocate to Victoria Park, about a 15-minute walk away."*