Over Dose

So on the weekend we had another overdose in our town, now its just me with my weird thinking here once again, I believe that these things should be published in our local paper as overdose and not sudden death or left us. This way I believe that these people young and old may see that what they are slowly getting into is very dangerous and it is happening right next door to all of us. We must try another avenue here because in reality it is a form of murder caused by the so called big dealers who are being released over and over. Yes the addicts know that these risks are there but the new kids on the block must understand this is not like the movies where in the beginning the guy is an addict but two hours later he or she is straight. I know this will to0pic may end up in the wasteland but think of it before it goes.

idea has the right purpose but do you really think the family wants the obit to say died of overdose. sure the family knows he/she had issues but hard way to say how they passed. unless just anonymous eg . 32 male dies of overdose. but for the most part i think people know the problems that come with it

I am just very frustrated with how all this shit is being allowed to go down and seems there is no one paying attention. I am tired of being called in regards to another death, I am tired of memorials and tired of funerals. I am tired of dealers being busted and then released back to our streets only to get more people hooked. There is one certain guy who has infected so many young people in this town with his poison and he is allowed to be free.

IT won’t ever happen, at least not in the obits. People don’t want to hear the truth about the dead. In fact, it doesn’t matter how horrible you were in life, no one is going to get up at your funeral and say in front of all of the relatives, and friends and loved ones, how much of a jerk so and so was.

It’s the same with drugs, drinking and driving, anythign with any sort of negative connotation. Nope, everyone is an angel after death…

It bugs me too. Even if I was to be an amazing, giving, caring person. The same thing would be said of someone who treated everyone like crap, and stomped all over everyone, after death. LOL it’s kind of funny in a way.

Drug awareness definitely needs to be pushed up in this town. But those who want to do drugs, will. Regardless of warnings…

The RCMP currently has a drug and alcohol awareness program that they deliver in our schools beginning in grade 5.  I think the program is excellent.
Agreed.  People need to be aware of the risks associated with drug and alcohol abuse.

Yes, people need to be more aware of the risks, they should also be able to get prescription drugs from the government that are tested and safe rather than getting their drugs from a bathtub chemist.

Seriously, legalize it all and prescribe it already.  Haven’t there been enough families ruined by overdoses and jailed family members and what for? so the corporate drug pushers can make a few more billion marketing synthetic versions of street drugs.


Hitest, you know that I am very aware of the RCMPs program and yes it is affective to a point, I am brought into villages where I do workshops and the reason they bring me in is because I call it as I see it and do not pull punches. I do not mean this has to be in the Orbits but in the paper so people may be aware. Too much sweeping under the carpet in this town. I Dare to stand up and call it as I see it.

We appreciate your service to the community, Justin.  :sunglasses:
More resources are needed to deal with this serious health issue.  It would be good if more money was made available to deal with addiction.

What they ought to do and should do is when they bust those SOB’s they take all the money and assets turn it into dollars that can be used to proper services going. I am not suggesting government bandages but real people who may have been there once.

How about all that Sherry so many street people are drinking, should the Liquor store
stop selling that shit to these people, it has killed many sisters and brothers around town. My girlfriend used to drink it but now she has better stugg to quench her thirst. I think the sherry is 74 or something like that.

Do you want the “families” of drug addicts and alcoholics to state in the Daily Blues what was the reason for their death ? You think this would shed a little light on the reality of the problems with alcohol and drugs in our town …
Your asking a family to launder a heartbreaking truth about their dead loved one.
Are you willing to do this ?
I would support going into the schools, to reach  kids early, and show them what will happen if you choose to have an addiction.
Talk, talk , talk… now try from a visual point .Get right to the point, and show the kids a visual presentation of the effects of drugs and alcohol at a young age.
Impress them early,a reality they’ll never forget.

[quote=“Justin Case”]
So on the weekend we had another overdose in our town, now its just me with my weird thinking here once again, I believe that these things should be published in our local paper as overdose and not sudden death or left us. [/quote]

One: You just “published” it here, and…

Two: An obit is not the proper place.  They are for friends and family, not general public voyerism.  I realize that wasn’t your intent, but it would be the effect.

Three:  If you desire some aspect of news coverage your local media is failing to provide I sugggest you start by contacting editors.

I would not wish for such a thing but yes the paper can put stuff down in the rag in regards to over doses in this town, not orbits but news worthy stuff. As for the schools yes I do make into the halls when invited. People are not really up to being straight up anymore but they want the RCMP to do all the work. If some people got their shit together the could rid themselves of the garbage so called big dealers in this town. Cops bust their ass and the Liberal lawyers walk the SOBs.

Question to anyone who knows the answer:
Is there a visual video that the school district would be allowed to show the grade 6 and 7 students on addiction ?
I feel very strongly on showing kids exactly how it is, when it comes to any serious topic that can have a effect in the growing years…  anyone else feel the same ?
Start at the source and get the kids of Rupert to see that drugs and alcohol are not so " cool ".

When I was in grade seven, there used to be a grade seven girls confrence. We met up with ALL of the girls who were in grade seven in prince rupert. And there was a drug seminar there. Boy that movie was harsh…

Talked about heroine, showed how one lady would scratch herself till she bled, and then pick the scabs.

I’m only 22, and I know EXACTLY what drugs do to you. But then, you look at some of the people who I went to school with, they’re the complete opposite.

Really, if a teen wants to get into drugs, they will, no number of disgusting drug films will stop them.

Look up Requiem for a dream… We watched that.

Well first I hate repeating myself or sounding as if I am blowing my own horn, but I agree with My Two Cents 100%. I do go into the schools around town when invited to speak with the students and I have done from grade one up to grade twelve, I also travel into the villages as well. This year I am making myself available with a young person who is an unpraticing user of some heavy drugs. I do not hold anything back so they will get the message in front of them. I am also an ex user who still suffers today from years gone by and wasted.

Hey Bubba. did that video have any effect on you ??
how do you know what effect it had on the other girls. I am happy you were able to watch that Video, because it probably had a profound effect on you and you are not totally aware of that. Whether you tried a little experimenting or not, you do not seem to be under the influence of any hard street drugs now…right ?
I can relate when you said, that some of the girls haven’t changed a bit since school days, and they might not.
I moved to Rupert in 1973 and had a  good time for 6 yrs.  While entertaining myself during that period and did a little experimenting , but never tried the heavier drugs. So I do not know how addiction feels, I see friends from back then still doing the same thing…they look like hell and you can see them slowly dying inside…this bothers me
We need  preventative measures…  the younger the better.

I’m not under the influence, no, I barely drink.
I’m a different case, I don’t like being out of control of myself. I know there is a very high possibility that I can become addicted to substances quite easily. So now it’s not an option. But when I was growing up, I was exposed to drugs and partying at an early age. I knew how stupid people acted when drunk, it just wasn’t for me.
To me, those films were huge points of interest. It was the same with the part of carreer and personal planning where we got into drugs. I have a fascination with learning and knowing exactly how drugs effect the body, how addictive they are. ETC. So I was listening with rapt attention. I’ve always been interested in drug research.

Kids DO need to know the risks, they need to know EXACTLY what is going to happen to them when they take each and every drug out there. At least all the drugs that are known. Not as a scare tactic though. They need to know so they can make an informed choice, when whatever drug comes up in front of them.

I know what effect it had on other girls, because they got into all of it later on. It wasn’t enough of an impact on them to stay away from it all. But substance abuse is so enticing, you can be what you want. You can escape. And that’s why alot people do it, they’re hiding from their demons. It’s a sad reality. And there really isn’t much help in this town for an addict…

I don’t know but when I was a kid my dad took me for a drive down east hastings in van and showed me what I had the wonderful opportunity of becoming if I chose to do hard drugs. I  figured it was rad so now I do meth.

Seriously though… theres a program that does tours of alleys and shit in van.  Maybe someone should arrange a tour of the rupert crack houses for school students. Might open some eyes.

Of course there will probably be the fuckstick parents who piss and moan about their kids and how they shouldnt have to see that stuff because they are ‘good kids’ and would never turn to drugs.

I remember once when I had a mother who asked me to take her daughter out for such a ride and I took her out around midnight and we did the streets and back alleys. The daughter was shitting when I brought her home, she never played with hard stuff and thanked me years later.