Our lovely Rupert weather

I’m sure its not just me, but aren’t we all tired of this non summer like weather. We get a day here and there but that’s about it. Would like to go camping but do not want to have to set up tarps and wear hoodies. Terrace is actually worse than us with their average temp being about 6 degrees below normal. Next week is August one can only hope that it will get better, since June and July didn’t amount to much.

This is my first summer living in Prince George and I can honestly say the weather is about the same as Rupert’s average summers.

This is not the norm for Prince George, ask around, most folks will tell you that summer is rather warm and sunny there.

well thank you global warming… oh I mean global cooling :-0


It’s been AWFUL. Rain almost every single day since May. Maybe 3 days it was warmer than room temp, but only for part of the day

eerrrr… I have my heat on low just to keep the damp air away…

It should actually be called “extreme global climate change”.

Seems to me that those teabagger-type global warming deniers will have much irony directed their way after this summer.

While the whole continent experienced lower than normal spring temperatures, now the interior of NA is experiencing higher than normal temperatures.

Expect higher prices for grains and fresh vegetables later this year.

Looks normal to me…

theweathernetwork.com/fourte … 4day_graph


I’m going to be heading south to Lotus Land in early August for a short vacation…perhaps I’ll get some relief from the deluge down there:)

I am off to Lotus Land tonight and than the heat dome in the central US next week… Lotus Land has finally improved …

For Rupert though this summer so far has been the worst I can recall and all but a few summers, I have seen them since 1969…
Have to run heat to keep dampness out … we are used to fog in July but usually it burns off to warm sunshine, not this year.
It gets depressing and people saying other areas are bad does not make me feel better… I am grateful to be fortunate enough to be able to leave for 2 weeks… :smile: