Our local Dudley Do-Rights- do the laws apply to them?

just today i was driving in a school zone and car 16b3 was speeding…in the school zone! the officer was doing at least 40 (i did speed up to 35 to get a judgment on speed and they were pulling away from me) with out any cherry’s on at all. now i don’t claim to know all the laws and reg’s but i’m really sure that they must have on their lights to break the law, is this correct or am i misinformed? just was wondering because i’m sure the book would be thrown at me if the roles were reversed and i was busted doing it. now for the people that would claim they were on the way to a emergency call i will say that they or the officer (as i did not get a good look in the car) stopped only a short way from the school zone with no apparent emergency around. :confused:

School zones are dumb anyway. Make them in effect when school stars, ends, and at lunchtime. It’s pretty obvious at these times anyway: typically streets are crowded with kids and cars.

this was when school was in at about 1:00pm, sorry should have said that. :smiley:

If an officer is replying to a call “Code 1” then they are to travel as expediently and safely as possible without lights or sirens.  But I highly doubt there was anything happening that would have justified such.  Code 2 is with lights but no siren.  Code 3 lights and sirens.

  Code 4…Donuts at Tims?  Sorry, had to throw that in :smiley:

I was just pulled over for no seat belt which I take responsibility for but while sitting there facing mcbride 3 cars ran red lights, now which is more dangerous I don’t believe no seatbelt would hit any one crossing the street or side swipe another vehicle. For the cops out there lets stop working as bylaw officers to collect money for the coffers and go for the people that could harm innocent people. (by the way wear your seat belt its $167)

Pay it early and they knwck off 25 bucks…I got one this year also as a passenger in the wifes van.  It was one of those stings where to plain clothes mountie is waiting at the top of summit with clip board in hand…I saw him waved put on my seat belt but they still hammered me.  Pretty elaborate operation really.  At least 5 mounties for it.  And I have seen em in cow bau and other locations across town.

And this is why they won’t use the plain clothes guys to stop vandalism downtown or drug dealing in your neighbourhood – no money to be made!

Surely if they can catch you without a seatbelt on, they can catch vandals breaking windows?

Be careful there, using logic like that could ruin your chances to get  elected to city council… :wink:

Did you complain to the RCMP?

why? i’m sure there are cops that look through these pages too so i’m sure it has already been mentioned to the officer. but the point was i was just wondering if i was correct or not on what i thought. :smile:

[quote=“the punisher”]
why? [/quote]

Well because the tone of your post is clearly one of complaining. I just wondered if you bothered to complain to the one place that might actually be able to do something about it.

Oh now that’s funny. You stating that you believe the police are capable of dealing with complaints internally is something I’ll save and bring up when you inevitably get around to bashing them again.

see thats what happens when we read the posts to pick on the person as opposed to reading the posts to read them!  i believe it was pretty clear that i was just wondering if what the officer did was ok or not, as for the complaining bit if i remember correctly on many posts it was you telling me that i did not have any real facts about what i was writing so i put in some facts just for the people like you! now it would seem that i may as well have said that a big u.f.o was driving down the road and a cow was shitting on kids in the crosswalk and ya cops suck, this would seem to be all most people see when i post my opinions and questions. but at least it gives you small minded people something to talk about over timmy’s coffee since most of my post get around the 600 to 1200 range on hits so your welcome. :smiley:

as for the Did you complain to the RCMP? what good would it do  :confused: as they are just glorified money machines for the government as so many have stated on my other post, and i’m sure they have better things to do like finding out who got the most tickets this month!

Was that what your dad said? :wink:

My Dad says that if I go on HTMF without his permission, he will take me and throw me through a computer store window.  But I know he’s only kidding. 

Unless the RCMP are using lights and sirens, they should obey the traffic laws to be an example to my grandchildren.

It a really bad example when, for instance on the same day Supercop ticketed one of my friends for jaywalking, I saw him jaywalking to the Credit Union. I view it as hypocritical.

I think it’s hilarious! 

While people are complaining of vandalism and drug dealers, the RCMP thinks that rolling stop sign violations and jaywalking are the priorities for the community.  They spend so much time and energy on those things, while ignoring and making excuses for not doing the hard things!

Yes, if I were to name the top things that are wrong with Rupert, then Jaywalking is definitely one of the top ten!  Kudos for the RCMP for cracking down on these guys.

Crack dealers?  Nah, not really a priority.  Maybe hire a half-time guy or something to deal with them.  Youth crime?  Nah, not really a priority, cut those positions.  Jaywalking!  Holy smokes people are jaywalking!  Better start giving out tickets!!

You should run for city council. Seeing all your posts on this site you OBVIOUSLY know far more about running a municipality than the people doing it now.

Well jeez, thanks for your vote of confidence (that is what it is right, OBVIOUSLY), might not know more about running a municpality that the people doing it now, but then again, that bar doesn’t seem too high at the moment…

Wouldn’t mind having a share of that five million bucks that went poof, after all if they’re not going to miss it anyways…