Our city looks like a dump


I know its not a new thing, its been an issue for some time. That however is the point. Our little town look horrible. From sidewalk overgrown with grass, rails on 2nd avenue with 1990s green paint chipping away to reveal 1980s orange paint below it, City hall looks like it needed a pressure wash 10 years ago and no one ever bothered, The two totem poles by old Mr Hays statue have grown hair (grass). Just to name a few. Please add to the list if you noticed anything else.
Seem the current council is to busy with pipe dreams about roads and future shipping plans through the artic to be bothered with making this a nice place to live, and more importantly a nice place to visit.

We can be excused for not seeing it because we drive by it every day so it becomes the norm. But visitors see it first time here and its that picture they carry in their heads.

Its little jobs, and little things, but instead of planning for future projects that might not come about because you might not be in office when they are slated for, fix the issues we have now. Life is in the details.


Could not agree more. So many businesses look like hell. Now I understand some that have had a hard time but for instance the CIBC…when was the last time they cleaned that building? It is a disgrace and shows how little they care about their appearance. Cooks, really? Could the side of that building look crappier? Bargain Bargain Bargain, again, how about a power wash? The dump of a building beside the new Pizza Hut, good lord!
The roof of Omni Vision, it is growing green slime. The Community Furtures business looks like it is bankrupt ( building owners fault !
Abby Rosarios building, been a dump forever. And what the hell is with 7-11??? That carp hole has been under construction for over 2 years???
Time for the owners to step up.
Last but not least, City Hall. That place looking like hell speaks volumes to why we should be ashamed in the way we let things get.
The list goes on and on but I am too ashamed to go on. Very sad indeed.


The old Dairy Queen building …broken windows galore …plus an over hang right over a sidewalk that looks like it’s rotting and could fall right on someone’s head.The old movie theater /bingo hall…etc.


Maybe the owner and contractor are having some type of dispute (pure speculation)?


My guess is that most of the places that have been sold are too real estate flippers that have no real interest in fixing the old buildings.


“Investors” in the community. Lol. :unamused:


It’s been a dump for years and getting worse… not only down town but residential areas : unpainted houses, car wrecks, unkept yards, and streets in dire need of work … down town is embarrassing


I guess homeowners and businesses don’t want to make improvements and face higher property taxes…there should be incentives for that stuff …to be fair though …the climate in Rupert makes it a lot tougher to keep things neat and clean