Ottawa fires Dan Veniez … le1199501/

Wow indeed.  A very surprising development! :astonished:

I guess getting fired he’ll have a severance package, that beats quitting.

Never a good idea to get into a slug fest with your bosses, in this case the entire Conservative cabinet it seems…

Wonder what happens to all of his recent decisions now, suspect there will be a rather lengthy review whenever the new bossman or woman takes charge…

Ding Dong the witch is dead  :smiley:

Party one … YIPEE I say YIPEE

You can only shoot your mouth off soo much before some one silences it.

Dan shoot his mouth off all over Rupert for too many years.

Good riddance …again.

You never know he may be back on the north coast in some other capacity.

Maybe he will score a job in one of the villages, he may not have been a mayor but he screwed up twice now and he seems to have the gift of the Gab as some others who have been hired in the villages.

I struggled through Dan Veniez’s June 23 resignation letter to Minister Merrifield, a link to which was helpfully provided by A Town Called Podunk for research purposes.

It took me two sittings - concise writing is not Dan’s strong suit - but what I glean from his lengthy exposition on the state of the world as seen from Ridley Island is that the issue comes down to this:

"The heart of the matter is this: RTI has upset certain users who are constituents of yours and Mr. Hill. This has caused you discomfort, and we regret that. We are not insensitive to your political realities. That said, and as we have previously emphasized:

1- If RTI is in the business to subsidize users, we need to know that. You and your colleagues should understand that such a decision will require a major annual cash appropriation from Transport Canada to RTI."

Like Jay Hill, Minister Merrifield has coal and fertilizer producers in his riding. Ridley has evidently raised the fees it charges to make the facility self-supporting and less dependent on government subsidies. It seems hard to argue against that way of running any business.

We have tended to focus on his campaign to sell Ridley to the private sector, a position that raised hackles across the political spectrum. I am inclined to agree with MP Cullen’s view that public ownership of Ridley best secures the economic future of the region, at least for now.

Perhaps, though, the privatization option had little to do with his dismissal. It is barely mentioned in the letter, conspicuous by its absence. Maybe what this is all about is corporate welfare to some coal companies, pure and simple. Well maybe not quite, but something along those lines.   

It is also interesting to read that Mr Veniez argued for prompt payment of Ridley’s tax bill, something no doubt appreciated by the folks at City Hall in between their ponderings about voting machines and other matters of great import. Here is an excerpt:

"In fact, earlier this month one of your officials, Janet Kavanah, advised us that we should defer payment of the property taxes owing to the City of Prince Rupert.

We strongly recommended against taking such a step given the budgetary constraints of the City and the reputational damage the Government of Canada would suffer by such an action."

Without a doubt Mr Veniez brings a bit of baggage with him from his Skeena Cell days, and I am not sure that his somewhat prolix style and generous use of hyperbole gets his message across as well as it could. But as is sometimes said there are two sides to every argument and the truth usually resides somewhere in between.

He’s back … le1252735/

Ha-ha, well, he does need a job! I’m happy that he’s not coming back to our neck of the woods. :smiley:

I don’t think that Mr Veniez is looking for a job - being RTI chair did not pay much. I think he is looking for another podium. That’s what he really lost, in my view.

LOL - I love the quote about how he says he’s not a ‘professional politician’ - at least now he can go screw over other people for awhile.