OSXÂ Preferences

OK this is weird. I think it has to be a preference. I have a dual booting g4 Boots to tiger and Leopard. yesterday my few functions keys would not work the screen brightness up and down and the 3 volume ones mute up / down. BUT if i boot to Leopard it works fine. Is there a certain pref i can delete to reset this ? I have search but have not found any thing maybe im searching for the wrong thing…

Has this happened to you mig ?Â

Keyboard preferences.

“Use the F1-F12 keys to control software features”

Don’t expect unreleased software (Leopard) to be perfect.

Um, It works perfectly in leopard. But not in tiger. It stoped in tiger yesterday for some odd reason. SO i thought maybe it was the laptop, i booted leopard and it works fine. Any suggestions ?