I vote for JUNO!! What an amazing, clever movie!

But then again, I only watched two movies in the theatre this year!  ha ha.

What about you guys?

I haven’t seen a single movie on the Oscar list, but I’m marking my ballot and heading over to a friend’s place for their annual Oscar party anyway.

Juno is this generation’s Ferris Bueller’s Day Office.  Discuss.

No, not at all!  Not even in the slightest!  Ferris b.d.o was a really silly, non-serious movie about just having fun.

Juno is HILARIOUS, but deals with a serious issue, and has AMAZING acting and dialouge!  “Superbad” would be a closer comparison to Ferris b.d.o.

I think Ferris is a movie about growing up, and has a lot of quotes and stuff.  I hear kids quoting Juno in the same way we used to quote Ferris all the time.

Ok, maybe I jumped the gun a little bit.  I haven’t seen Ferris B.d.o. in FOREVER, but from what I can remember, it wasn’t Oscar worthy.  (Though it was nominated for a Golden Globe).

Mig, have you seen Juno?  It’s so excellent, and it wasn’t what I expected it to be from the previews.

Yeah, I’ve seen Juno a bunch of times.  Pretty awesome.

I keep thinking of Ellen Page on Trailer Park Boys, though :wink:

Ha ha, I never watch that show.  Too close to home for me :wink:  ha ha.  But I saw her in X3.

BTW, I was FIVE when Ferris Bueller came out.  ha ha.

i watched Juno and thought it very good… and Yes mig Farris is one of my all time  favorite movies… I watched it numerous times. There were a lot of movies in the 80’s from John Hughes that I have enjoyed…
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off , The breakfast club, pretty in pink, Sixteen Candles, Some Kind of Wonderful, Weird Science to name a few… during that time John Hughes seemed to be in touch with the ideas of teen life…

I loved how John Hughes’ movies were the inspiration for Jay and Silent Bob to travel to Shermer Illinois to be the “blunt connection” so to speak.  Their rundowns on all the movies was a real laugh, too.

Funnily enough, my mom saw “Juno” recently and was gushing not just over Ellen Page but Micheal Cera as well…  :sunglasses:

Anyhow, I saw a fair number of movies over the summer but not many of the Oscar nominees, though I was very pleasantly surprised over Johnny Depp’s performance in “Sweeney Todd” when I saw it over the holidays.

I’m seeing lots of critics worrying that Juno will be an upset winner this year-mostly because they think it’s too “light” a movie but with the way the things are currently going the past few years down south, I can see voters choosing something that’s a little less dark than most of the critical favourites. I’m not watching the telecast but I will be curious about the results!

Michael Cera is the kid in Arrested Development.  I didn’t know how funny this show was until this winter when I started watching an episode here and there.  Very funny in a goofy kind of way.

Awww :cry:  Ellen Page didn’t win Best Actress.  She will one day though!!!  As long as she doesn’t get caught up in all the Hollywood crap (drugs) then she will become an amazing, Oscar winning actress!


Props to Diablo for the Juno screenplay nod.

I’m really pleased that No Country, There Will Be Blood, and their related actors got appropriate attention (aside from the ridiculous Enchanted non-song diversions), proving that the Oscars can still claim to be relevant, or at least reasonably discerning.

Mini-rant: Academy, there is no requisite that Johnny Depp be considered for an award every year. Clearly, his inclusion in this year’s nominee list (in the context of the other nominated performance) was questionable at best. Am I the only one to find him in a state of autopilot in Burton’s recent films? Better choices for nom slot:

Philip Seymour Hoffman, Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead
Josh Brolin, No Country For Old Men
Ryan Gosling, Lars And The Real Girl
Christian Bale, Rescue Dawn

I only watched snatches of the show, 'cause I was dealing with kiddos, but I did see her accept her award.  And in true female fashion, the thing I noticed was just how un-comfortable she was in her dress with that super high slit!!!  Poor girl!