Orlando Bloom to play Bond


check it out…

Ok well thats going to be a money waster. What were they thinking!?! Its

Orlando Bloom for God sake!!!

Please God, no.

who cares, its not like they replaced your grandpa with him, its just a fictional character.

Ya but its James Bond! They sound at least get a good actor.

How do you explain Roger Moore, then?

Rike 007 Loger Moore!</Lost in Translation>

They had a good actor he just . He just shot him with the PP7 and stole his


Walther PPK, dude. Not PP7. PP7 is just what they call it in the video games.

Ya it would be funny if there was a Bond vs Austin Powers.


Um, no. That would not be good.

Time to have Bond modernized, cleaned up politically and popularized for the mainly American audience.

Introducing 009 Phil McCracken
He’s British, He’s black, He’s gay
He sings and dances like Gene Kelly
He’s on loan to the Homeland Security in:

  **Twice was Not Enough**

The fate of the USA hangs on Britain’s Agent 009 after Saddam is sprung from prison by Sammy Binladen and restored to power. 90 mins G

hard to pick the top bond guy… i like moore… he was great… and i also like the older sean connery ones… timothy dolten or whatever wasn’t good at all… and Peirce Brosnan was good! I think after seing bloom in Pirates of the Carribian i think hed make a good bond… if not get collin ferral lol. Bond goes irish.

Get the Alexander Keiths Irish/Newfoundlandish guy to play Bond.

Irish? Newfoundlandish?

“The Pride of Nova Scotia?” Guess where he’s from?

Nova Scotia, New Scotland. Man, talk about getting things wrong.

But yeah, Scottish accent, like Sean Connery.

Irish are still better!

With your amazing powers of deduction, perhaps you should be the next James Bond.

too bad the quotes are gone from the front page

What we need is a Newfie James Bond.

“Bond. James Bond, bah.”

Give us a double Dark 'n Dirty, shaken, not stirred dere buddy.