Open - Stay up to date on what is going on with your Parliament


Thought I’d share this site with those of you who are looking to stay current on federal politics. ** **

You can follow on twitter or an RSS feed what a particular MP had to say in the House of Commons, It also aggregates what the mainstream media reports on when the MP’s name comes up in news stories.  Alternatively, you can elect to have a daily email  sent to you containing the hansard record of what your MP had to say in the house of commons.

For example, a  segment from todays email on what Mr. Nathan Cullen had to say May 13th, 3:50 p.m. on the Tax Conventions Implementation Act, 2010;

“Right now at the finance committee, members are dealing with Bill C-9, which, by all measures and accounts, is a Trojan Horse bill. It is supposed to be a budget bill but it is an omnibus bill, which means that it includes a whole bunch of different pieces. The government has included things like raising airport taxes and the selling off of Atomic Energy of Canada Limited, the largest crown corporation in this country. It is the nuclear industry. It has also included a watering down of environmental regulations on, of all things, the oil and gas industry, which is quite ironic to think about doing that right now. All of these things are embedded into a piece of legislation that is meant to be a budget bill, a finance bill. That is a cynical form of politics. It is a form of politics that says that it does not want to debate these things on their merits.” 

Subscribed to Nathan’s RSS feed, thanks!