Open Invitation: Meet Corinna Morhart

Open Invitation
Who is Corinna? You have the opportunity to meet me in person and if time does not permit, I would arrange another time & place to talk more. I believe in dialogue vs monologue.

Other candidates are welcome and this will give you the opportunity to meet the Candidates! Some Candidates & Trustees have confirmed they will come and are open to meeting you.

This will be informal but an opportunity to make contact and if you have further questions, comments or concerns, you may make arrangements to meet with the Candidate or trustee at a later date.

When: Saturday Nov. 12th
Where: Moose Hall
Time: 1:30—3:30 PM
Cost: No Charge *

  • Please bring a non-perishable food item(s) or toy(s) for donation to the Salvation Army.

Thanks for the invitation Corinna. I will be there.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the citizens of Prince Rupert and those Candidates and Trustees who attended the open house at the Moose Lodge on Saturday.

It was a good time by all as we not only were able to bring toys and food to the Food Bank but an opportunity of sharing concerns and ideas of the situation of our community. This was an opportunity of joining together to share the importance of communication and the desire for change.

It is not easy putting one’s name forward and going out into the public, and I do wish them well in this election. Both Council and Trustees have a lot of work before them and I have witnessed many dedicated people who are willing to commit to making changes and their desire to have the community engage within the process.

Thank you again.

PS Citizens of Prince Rupert, please vote on November 19th. You do have choices this election and Your vote will make a Difference!