Oops- hot mike:-)

Heh-heh, this was recently posted on You tube.  These are some Republican strategists who thought they were off-air and they proceeded to trash Palin.  Funny stuff:-)

I have the TV on waiting to hear her talk…this should be good.

LOL, well I guess we can assume that Peggy Noonan didn’t write Mrs. Palin’s speech tonight eh! :imp:

LOL, well it was time for a little spin control from the Republican war room I guess…

firstread.msnbc.msn.com/archive/ … 38996.aspx

She’s a good speaker.  But I thought she could have smiled a little more - she’s tough looking.

Agreed.  They called her the Barracuda in her school days when she played basketball.  I’ll be curious to see how she fares against Biden in the VP debate.  Biden is tough and edgy as well.  I think she’ll do fine in scripted events where she can be adequately prepared.  Let us see how she does when she faces open questions from the press gallery.

Here’s a transcript of her political screed

iht.com/articles/2008/09/04/ … php?page=1

snarky one too, that was just one lengthy scarcastic epistle.

Would have been nice if the Republican positions might have been introduced a bit eh, you know how they plan on rescuing an economy in  a tail spin to bankruptcy.

Oh, that was the drill baby drill section of the speech eh…

And they started looking under the books again for bad people everywhere.

The Governor is in look step with the suspension of civil liberties it would seem

“Al Qaeda terrorists still plot to inflict catastrophic harm on America … he’s worried that someone won’t read them their rights?”

Now I think that Al Qaeda terrorists and their fellow travellers should be dealt with appropriately, but the suspension of some of the USA’s most treasured elements of their constitution isn’t the way to do it I would think.

It’s a short trip to fascism when you start to knock off the civil liberties in the name of homeland security. 

And the whole foreign affairs section of her speech was clearly written word for word for her with no deviation for personal opinion or experiences (though when you haven’t left the country but once I guess you can’t really say you know the main participants of the agenda)

But it was truly a one theme speech, still be scared, scared of the Democrats and scared of the other folks in the world wherever they may be.

I guess when you have run out of ideas you just don’t bother to even try to think of any.

Though the speech did do what it was designed to do. Painted Obama as some kind of wild eyed socialist agitator stirring up crap in the communities while Ms. Palin was busy refusing earmarks (that she once openly lobbied for) and running a thriving metropolis of 9000 folks and the odd moose or two.

They are playing the small town card in the speech, where the city slickers are looking down their noses at the hard working folks of America… clever twist which will find an audience I guess, but you would like to think that they tend to think things out before they vote.

They’re in trouble because of this crews agenda the last eight years, not because Mr. Obama was organizing on the streets of Chicago.

Biden got off a good comeback today, he said “that gas station that the Governor’s sister opened up will see more tax help from an Obama/Biden administration than what she and Mr. McCain will offer”

However, I think the Democrats know that she’s not quite the lightweight that they first suspected. 

She’s got all the right wing talking points down pretty good and fed them some raw meat on Wednesday night. She framed the election debate the way the Republicans wanted it framed last night, following up Lieberman and Guiliani (hmmm, they weren’t a leftist media mob when he was America’s Mayor)

She still has the same baggage as she had entering the speech, but it was a well done speech clearly designed to refocus the agenda to the message.

They attacked the media with full force, be interesting to see if they back off now and give the Republicans a free ride.

Shall be worth watching tonight to see how McCain joins the debate, don’t see him being quide as snide as Mrs. Palin was in her speech, he’ll be taking a different road I guess.

Though it probably leads to the same destination.   


I copied the below from an Alaskan blog (listed below)

CLAIM VS FACT regarding Palin,

•“Hockey momâ€

What’s the difference between Sarah Palin and Dick Cheney?   

This is probably the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.

oh man that was good, great job on the editing :smiley: