Only in the Daily News!

Check out the front page of today’s Daily Snooze. Is that an awesome photo or what?

No other paper in the country, weekly or daily, would have chosen such a poor quality photo for their front page. The Daily does it with regularity. If you look inside, there are actually some clear, well lit, shots but they chose a terrible one.

Sigh. Some day they’ll find a real editor.

how about the cover of the new phone book. that is  a shiiittty photo.

I thought todays guest editorial by 7 year old William was the best sports article there has been in a long time.  Goes both ways poolboy :smiley:

Post it! It can’t be worse than the Caledonia Courier.

It’s so bad, well here’s my interpretation several years old…

It was certainly the best written article in the Snooze in a long time! :smile: