Online auctions

Okay, I’ve bought stuff online before, but never using an online auction, such as eBay.  I think I’m a pretty knowledgeable consumer, but there is a fear of the unknown, I guess.  If you’ve used an online auction site, have you been pleased with the result?  EBay is probably the most recognized name, but are there other sites that are just as good, if not better?  What advice does a newbie buyer need to know? 

I have purchased and sold many items using ebay. So far I have never had a problem with either. Watch shipping prices on items before bidding, this is how some sellers make their money. The best advice I can give you is that, no matter what the email looks like in your inbox from ebay, log into your ebay account yourself and read it there. I have had some close calls when almost responding to an ebay message from my inbox. Hope this helps.

I’ve had pretty good luck on ebay. About 11 of 13 items actually showed up :smile: