One year into it but more out of it

So The Podunkian mentions that it has been a year since many of us may have made a big mistake in the election, I for one feel that I did mark down the wrong ones and I am hoping they have just been testing us all in trying to see if any of us have been paying attention. What will the Mayor and his band of merry council members do this year? Shit stepping out into the community and seeing the mess it is in would be one hell of start. I am surprised with Anna and Councillor Garon with what they both ran on and what they have applied themselves to. I still wonder if The mayor has them all under a muzzle, They were voted in to represent us and hopefully serve us so please give it a shot for our votes and our sake.

An interesting issue to follow over the coming weeks/months will be the BC Labour Relations Board hearing over union succession at Watson Island. PPWC trades people who were looking after security and environmental monitoring and compliance were replaced by the former management team hired by the City after the change in ownership (see Podunk Below the Masthead and PRDN Oct 13).

Here are links to the union’s and City’s respective submissions to the Board: … 0Board.pdf … 0Board.pdf

I hope the LRB makes their ruling in Local 4’s favour, I think they would have to do a major rewrite of the Labour Code to dance around the issue.

If the city is trying to make the Watson Island Mill more attractive to a possible buyer by eliminating the PPWC’s certification, I think they are barking up the wrong Pulp Log.

Any enterprise of the size that would take on the operation of a Pulp Mill would consider the fact of a unionized workforce as inevitable.

Nobody is going to re-open that mill. They’d be better off buying eurocan as operational and in decent shape. I cant believe this is still even being talked about as an option.  Christ, turning it into a tourist attraction would be a more profitable venture.

Take a trip to repap…skeena cellulose… new wave land complete with free tetanus shot.

its a derelict mill with a few guys left there. no reason for a union there anymore. its the the life of a mill worker for the last 10 years they have been shutting down if you didnt see it coming as an employee and start looking for employment in other places or towns or go to school. well too bad open your eyes

The forestry companies lobbied hard to have the apurtenancy regulations removed (as it turns out quite succcesfully)
When the Libs tossed out the apurtenancy regulations, it spelled the end of BC’s forest industries & forestry towns and allowed the wholesale export of raw logs. 

  Just for a giggle…I think we should cover it in X-Mas lights and charge admission.  Have a huge X-Mas party, BYOB and all the trimmings !!

Then burn it down on new years and buila an amusement park  :smiley:

WTF is “buila”?

buila is build spelled incorrectly