One puppy for sale

anyone looking for a puppy I have one left. my daughter changed her mind . having a baby and a puppy would be to much on her. the puppy is a female 8 weeks old. selling for $250.00 , she is a shzu cross mutesse poddle… none sheding  loves to play. black and white , very fluffy, need to find a home for her by next week . she has 3 brothers and 1 sister 3 of witch are in town and one out of town… here is a picture of her. if anyone wants  you can post it here… I know she will go fast as I had ppl wanting her but I have lost there numbers …

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

your charging $250 for a mutt without papers? very cute nice dog i agree, but that is alot of money for a cross breed.

Chris I did pay way more for the mother and father… if you look down town ppl want way more for there puppy’s and  they are cross breeds to I have had no problem selling the others at that price .

Will you accept 30,000HUF in exchange for a plastic bag and four cans of Pork 'n Beans?

ok, i stand corrected.

sorry , the Puppy has been sold… thank you