One more problem b-4 good night

My windows xp pro edition…

For some reason, it will not let me do a (disk cleanup)!
It always freezes on the 3rd bar. :cry:

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We’ve only been developing Windows for about fifteen years. Please don’t expect us to accomplish everything all at once. Most common problems should be dealt with in SP38 scheduled for beta testing in 2026. Or you could see immediate benefits with XP Pro Pro with Plus Plus that should be out for Christmas, hopefully this one. It is able to run most of the included tools including new ones like fragdisk, bluescreen.exe, hogram.scr and fuck.cpu.

  • Bilboa Gatez
    Do you want to install this program you waited eight months and paid half a year’s salary for?

are you sure

really sure

do you wish windows to allow installtion of product by windowsitself

are you sure

accept agreement with windows yes__ no___


this windows upgrade does not have a windows certificate. continue installation

are you really, really really sure.

are you a lawyer? yes___ no___


runtime error at AAE00001BC6F windows has halted the windows upgrade to prevent immediate atomic collapse of your computer. Please restart windows. Unable to locate driver. No dial tone. Port already in use. Unable to locate file mama.hlp Please reboot your computer.

SYS64738 ah when life was simpler…

That was pretty funny…specially the mama.hlp…heh.

What da fuhhh heaver! :unamused: