One for the script kids

ok… I got a PHP form that will run a local Perl script, that Perl script SSH’s to a remote machine and run another script.

However PHP doesn’t seem to be running the script…

here is the code

  <head><title>Torres Email Configuation</title></head>

  <?php $fname=$_POST'fname'];
        $cmd="perl ".$fname." ".$lname." ".$uname." ".$passwd;
        echo "executing command ".$cmd."<br><br>";


I tried using exec() and popen()… anyone got any ideas???

This might be a dumb question but have you tried executing the perl script independently in debug mode to make sure it isn’t the perl script? Or made sure you have the correct file attributes? Or have you enabled error reporting in your php and checked the logs for any ideas? :smile:

Just a thought. I don’t know php that well but am pretty good with the perl, and no one else seemed to bite :stuck_out_tongue:

Will you even see this post? Sure has been a long time hehe…

Can you say security nightmare and horrible idea.  Also as agentofkaos said  enable error reporting and run all the scripts by command line to check for errors. A quick glimpse shows you’re just calling ‘perl’ to run the script, try putting the full path to perl instead of just ‘perl scriptname’

Also there is likely a much better way of accomplishing whatever you’re trying to do so what exactly are you trying to do?

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