Once you get past the derelict 2nd Avenue area, there's some fine dining had

It’s a mixed bag for Tourism Prince Rupert and the Chamber of Commerce, with a travel piece penned in the Vancouver Sun this weekend, which found travel writer and apparently satisfied restaurant attendee Joseph Blake impressed with the calibre of the local eateries of the city.

Blake reviewed a number of the city’s restaurants during his trip to the city and seems to have been smittened by a number of the local menus that are available. We’re not sure how long he was here to examine the offerings of our port city, but he certainly must have gained a few pounds during his stay such is the effusive praise he heaps on a number of the local restaurants.

Less impressed however, was he of the Second Avenue area. Which only the restaurant Rain saved from a totally blistering revue, still describing the area as “downtown Prince Rupert’s somewhat derelict Second Avenue.” isn’t exactly an impression that can be cleaned up with a few Historic Downtown banners…

( from  the blog a town called podunk,  click on the link below to see the entire article atowncalledpodunk.blogspot.com/2 … 2246743543 )-

Mmmmmm, I’m drooling here!  :smiley:

Seriously, I still talk about Opa Sushi whenever I’m with fellow connoisseurs of seafood, telling them it’s still the best tasting sushi I’ve ever had. I’ve not seen the refit but it sounds like they are more upscale than the cozy little nest where I loved to sit with friends and relax but the food still sounds great! Overall Rupert does very well for it’s size in places to dine and this article was a real plus for local eateries, he obviously took the time to find a few of the more hidden gems around town. The only place I’ve not dined at is Rain (no time when we were up there a few years ago for a quick visit) but I agree with his overall view that Rupert does have some good places for discerning diners to enjoy, though I’d have to say that Smiles and Breakers can certainly have their off days… :wink:

I work at Rain, and I LOVE IT there!  I’ve worked in many restaurants, and Rain is pretty cool!  It’s well run, the food is great, and the martini list cannot be equaled.  And everyone gets tipped out fairly, which, believe it or not doesn’t really occur in most restaurants. (the tips that servers tip to the kitchen often don’t actually end up in the pockets of the cooks,  but at Rain they do)