Once Upon Your Time!

When did the war Begin, when will it end? Age old war that sweeps through the land like a fire and it’s HOT AIR. Devouring everything in it’s path leaving all to live in it’s destruction. Our CHILDREN will sift through the rubble searching for answers of why we left them with rocks. Here is their story= Once Upon A Time in a far away reality people actually had animals to eat and clean water to drink. Crops actually grew directly off of the land, Oxygen was breathable, and the sun was our friend. Civilizations actually lived outside our bio-domes and traded all of the treasures OUR mother once had. In the days of the Kings people would take and destroy when they needed food, land, or security. No treaty or deal would stop them. No army to defeat because our brothers and sisters became the little soldiers of that hungry machine. It went on and on recruiting more and more of the earths population. As it grew so did the Population of the earth. They ate and wasted more then they needed. They even poisoned their bodies and minds with faster food that they created with the help of dangerous chemicals. The motion was live fast and enjoy the NOW. Only their way of seizing the moment was to live with poisoning our environment for the instant pleasure that was killing them and finally led to almost killing us all. Now we have each other. This small community of people here to repopulate and re-toil the earth. Humanity once again will feed of the GARDEN from our combined effort. We are only a few but it all starts again somewhere. A bit of every culture on earth…

Or how about this ending= humanity ran out of food so they started eating their own FAT :mrgreen: [size=18][/size]


My TPS (throttle position sensor) packed it in the other day… I had a check engine light and lots of carbon coming out the tail pipe so I took it in for a diagnostic scan… Bought the part, popped it in… played around with it a bit… you know, wannabe gear head kinda things to do… Anyway, I was adjusting the sensor’s position on the throttle body and taking the car for rips up and down the road without the aircleaner and such installed… The engine was way more responsive and sounded pretty cool too. This mornign I grabbed one of them ‘open-element’ filters. Looks snazzy, and probably is going to save me some fuel economy over the next while here…

Now what to do with my old K&N?

Cool eh? Still, this engine is disgustingly inefficient.

Notice the breather and IAT sensor I just kinda moved to the side for the time being. Also, I havn’t yet removed that snorkel from the driver’s side.

i think there are places u can take your old air cleaners. or u can keep it as a spare part in case somthing else happens.

looks exactly like the one dale has on his purple truck…: O ) where is teh super charger landon ? : O )

Oh dear… A supercharger would be worth more than the entire car itself. I think tomorrow I might splurge on a new coil, distributor cap, wires, plugs and rotor… or some. MSD all the way.