Olympics 2006

Canada now has 9 medal’s, how many do you think they will end up with?

why is there no option for 0 :frowning:

Ok ok fine. Vote for Jesus as a zero.
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11 Medals now…another gold and silver in Mens Skeleton

Yeah, yeah, YEAH!!! Keep up to date with this link for medal standings.


I say 10 or so GOLD medals, 8 Silvers, and 12 Bronzes.

That’s my guess and I’m going to stick with it.

One more medal than the US…wooo hoooo

We get more Winter than they do. BOOYA!

Swiss shock Canadian men 2-0

In a game that was supposed to be a warm-up for tougher opponents, Switzerland shocked the Canadian men’s hockey team 2-0 at the Torino Olympics Saturday morning.




Wow you actually got up at 6 to watch that?

I wanted to watch it but was a bit tired :stuck_out_tongue:

I watched it and that swiss goalie was awesome. Team Canada played well but not well enough and the swiss team was opportunistic. The disallowed goal was a good call because it was hard to see if the puck itself went in even though the glove did go in a bit.
I don’t think it’s a major setback. I think the talent and experience there should prevail.
I just hope that that referee doesn’t work anymore. Lots of bad calls for both teams.

Edit: After seeing more footage, I think the goal should have been allowed.

I thought it would be just a bad game. But twice? What happened to the scoreing? Or is it that other countries finally figured out how to shut down an offensive team? I say it’s the goalies. Damn that guy was awsome for the Swiss.

But I have a question. Is that all the countries in the olympics or just a few?
I don’t see any from Iran, Iraq. I see that Israel is in.

Also, here is a fact. From the Lemiex Era.

No Lemieux, No Championship.

1987 - Lemieux = 1st Place
1991 - Lemieux = 1st Place
1996 - no Lemieux = 2nd Place
1998 - no Lemieux = 4th Place
2002 - Lemieux = 1st Place
2004 - Lemieux = 1st Place
2006 - no Lemieux = no scoring so far

This is strange don’t ya think :question:

another, hey maybe there are Hockey GODS out there.

explains the 2 - 0 shutout! :laughing:

Well, the Hockey Gods weren’t on Canada’s side today. 2-0 loss to Russia and they’re out of the tournament.
Fire Pat Quinn!

Yep fire HIM! :smiling_imp:

Mig! Can I snap?

We need to score goals, but they didn’t take the right players…

GP 43 G 14 A 45 Tp 59

[size=24]Eric Staal[/size]
GP 57 G 36 A 39 Tp 75

[size=24]Alex Tanguay[/size]
GP 58 G 24 A 42 Tp 66

[size=24]Sydny Crosby[/size]
GP 58 G 28 A 37 Tp 65

Not to mention, Paul Kariya, Jonathan Cheechoo would have done more htting and scoring, Mike Peca (Where the hell was this guy?)

I dedicate this to Team Canada’s Mens Hockey Tean 2006, or the staff.


Go get it Pat Quinn



At least the women knew what THEY were doing :smiley:

Yes they were, are. :smiley: