Olympic Torch Relay Celebration on Feb 1, 2010

Just to let everyone know, on Feb. 1, 2010 the Olympic Torch Relay will be holding a 2 hour celebration in Prince Rupert.  The festivities will include professional as well as local entertainment, fireworks, and special events trailers hosted by Coca Cola, Royal Bank, and the Province of BC.  The highlight will be when the torch is brought to the stage by our local representative, who will be unveiled that evening.

The event is scheduled to start at 6:00 pm and go until 8:00 pm on 3rd avenue.  The Festivities will occur all along the block in front of City Hall.  A pre-show featuring the elementary, and community band, as well as local singers and performers will happen from 5:00-6:00 pm.

It promises to be a very fun and entertaining event and hopefully many of you will be able to attend.

Why bother with such crap anyway, I mean we own it now and it will be a real big Spike in our sides , our children and our childrens children. We can have fireworks other times and we may walk away knowing we enjoyed that gathering and event. Rupert and this area will get nothing from The Liberal Olympic Ripoff we all know that.

Wow, I think you are looking at this all wrong Justin. from what I understand this is not an event promoting the Olympics, it’s an event promoting Prince Rupert and our culture, you are right they (the Olympics) are a done deal and it is not likely we will see much benefit from it. BUT and there is always a but isn’t there, this might be our one chance to show the world who we are and let everyone know we are more than just a bunch of partying rioters. This is February 1st right Anna and that’s what 10 days or so before the Olympics, the world media is already following the torch and imagine the publicity this will get. I say show up have a good time and promote Prince Rupert, maybe we can show the world who we are and be known for something noteworthy instead of just headline newsworthy. Sign me up, I’m all for showcasing my community to the world because if we don’t then someone will find something else write about us and there are 18 pages of posts to prove that under a different title.

Alright I admit that I went at this the wrong way and this is our community and yes we have many cultures to promote and we may celebrate together. Our community pride should come first and the people will live among are for the most part very friendly. I will try to be there maybe I will see you there flyman. Again to my fellow Rupertites I just get so angry at this Gordo Dog and Pony Show that we will be paying for till we are all trying to afford a place for Senior Housing.

Well Justin, as your a baby boomer and I’m a member of the echo boom, I give you permission to have fun. Don’t worry about how much it will cost me down the road. This is a once in a life-time experience for both of us!

we need to celebrate for many reasons there is nothing
but good news coming to our town lets party Rupert

From what I have heard this event will be funded with money from outside the community (not from our budget) but the money is being used to purchase items that will be used by the community in the future, sort of legacy purchases I guess you would say. So everyone can attend with a clear conscience that the money isn’t being taken from public coffers. Party on Rupert.

I was in Edmonton when the torch relay hit last week and it was a great party. Big Screen TV, great music, free bees and fireworks. Hope to see it again.

Feb 1st? They’re gonna have to run really fast, they’re in the Fort Jan. 30th.

If you made them you can delete them can’t you ?

everybody bring waterguns lets be put on the map as the town can riot and put out the olympic torch

I think the rain might take care of that.

Decker I hope it’s cold and your watergun freezes,  that is the last thing we need to be known for. I’d wrather be known as the town who threw the best family friendly block party on the tour.

yea it was a joke

I figured as much but it was a good way to get the thread to the top of the list (sorry for doing it at your expense but no disrespect meant) so it keeps getting exposure, the more people who read it the more that bring their kids and tell their friends about it and come party with us. I heard that some kids groups will be lining the route up to the stage and one of the dance companies in town is cooking something up. I can’t wait.

YAY lets celebrate the anal rape of our province and taxpayers!

By the way I do believe the money is coming from public coffers just not the local cities.

Another eternal optimist I see. To answer the first part I refer you to the 3rd post, my answer to Justincase, as to the funding, at no point did I say the money wasn’t coming from public money,  I merely said it wasn’t being taken directly from Prince Rupert’s budget.

My nephew works for COKE and he is bringing the Relay to the North. Quite a set up … and lots of freebies and food and fun for the whole family.  Rupert will soon be 100, and this is a great way to start the festivities.  Yes they are in the Fort on the 30th but they fly in and then bus it down from Terrace I think as there are celebrations in the am in Kitimat, early afternoon in Terrace and end of day ( 5-8 ??) for Rupert.

Hope the weather co operates.

You know they used to actually run with the torch… just saying.  I might be more optimistic if my unborn daughter wouldnt be paying for this shit until she retires.

8.5M to upgrade rail track that will be used for 60 days sound like a good use of taxpayers money? 6billion on security sound good when schools are closing? anyone who is for these games is a fucking idiot.

You’re lack of vision is truly awe inspiring and I simply refuse to continue a discussion with someone who has their head stuck somewhere where all they can see is crap. I guess I will not be seeing you at the party then. More fun for the rest of us but you can sit at your computer and post while we have a good time.