Oliver Lake

Anybody been out skating on it yet? I had a drive-by yesterday and it looked pretty solid.

I was thinking about going for a skate tomorrow, just curious if anyone has already been out there.

A person I work with has been taking his kid out there a lot. Says it’s been great.

Went out there yesterday.  The ice is great. About 8 inches thick and a few bumps though.

If it gets too full, cross the highway and there is a nice smaller lake where you can skate as well.

Isn’t that the rod and gun club?

Near it but not within it (unless it expanded).  Just go a little bit more towards the mainland.  You have to cross in the bush and walk a little bit. 

Check the aerial photo.  Oliver Lake is on the left of the highway, and that other lake is just a little bit below, on the right of the highway.

Yeah the rod and gun club is across the streeet from Oliver.

The smaller lake is farther away from the Rod n Gun Club… closer to the Ridley Island turnoff.

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A nerdier person would have put arrows on Oliver Lake and the other lake. :wink:

It was either have it moveable and zoomable, or have arrows.  Hmmm… I wonder if you can have both? 

Of course, in fine HTMF tradition, I didn’t see your link to the google map.  Sorry. 

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Tell us something we don’t know!!

Oh Snap!

I spent two and a half hours on Oliver this afternoon, it was fantastic. The ice was in pretty good condition, and was fairly clean because we haven’t been getting snow. I wish I had taken my camera.