Older games not installing

I have had Comanche 3 for ages, but I could never find the disk. Now that I have gone through and sorted out my mess of CD’s, I have found it. When I just the disk in, it’s autorun boots up fine and al the audio plays and such, but when I hit install, a blackscreen comes up (as if it were trying to install through dos) and a few seconds later it will just go back to the autorun. It’s dated back to '97, but I have other '97 games (such as the original Age of Empires) installed and working fine. Is there a loophole in Windows XP that wil let you install, because I’ve tried it on 3 XP computers with no avail. Thanks in advance.

yeah for some reason some older games just dont go with XP, i think its cause alot of the older games use dos to run. therefore, with no Dos on XP you’r screwed… cause theres some games i wanna play but nooooo