Old People (20-30) Census

How many of y’all never completed university?

Now speak up! I know there’s a bunch of you in here who never tried, or never went past the first year!

I’ll start by saying I got a year under by belt, and I ain’t commin’ back :smile:

…and this thread ain’t dying! I want some solid confessions, to make me feel better, hahaha.

Did 1 year and never went back  and i am 43

In progress, sorta.  Kinda. 

On a break this semester.  Good chance I’ll be back next year.  coughorbackworkingontherigscough

I’ve been meaning to go back for 31 years…
6 credits short in Psych… I discover I hate stupid ppl and fucked up ppl.

Maybe because I are one…

Old People?  20-30?  Wow!  I feel ancient now.

Failed out of one of the top schools in Canada!

I got a wonderful Associates Degree from the NWCC.  Actually, I pretty much am 2 classes short of having another full Associates Degree from there as well.  I went there for far too long, and have no idea what I wanted to go into, and I still don’t.

I love you guys.

JH, admit it, toolpush forever :smile:

Eso, being the smartest guy I know, high five!

ejm, you’re a testament to us all

smartass, how old are you now ?

i should be replying tomorrow: i need one I closed to see correctly right now, and I hit on the janitor tonight

27 going on 22 :smiley:

I feel like a Jurassic case, heh-heh:-) 20-30 year olds are not old. :smiley:

Like a FINE WINE YOU GET BETTER WITH TIME never lose that thought and you shall smile through it all.

been to bcit 1984 got certified
nwcc 1989 - 1991 dropped out went back fishing
cdi 2000
thinking about going to ubc this fall or the next year and get my mcsa, lpic, CCNA etc…
gettin older now and lookin for a change

Unfortunately I think I hate the rigs enough to go back to school.  School rocks anyhow!  Minus the studying and effort bit…

hardcore (transcending rationality)!!! does that mean you’ll be back in my area of the world come next sept??? (even though i wont be back here till next january to finish up my degree)

Old people?  Jees… I’m 35 this weekend.

1 year completed, will not return.

That it may!  Time shall tell, though. 

Well Congratulation and Best Wishes on your 35 Mig. All the best to you .

Yes Happy Birthday, at thirty five you’re but a young salmon in the school…