Old Ironforge

I went to Old Ironforge today… it’s a pretty neat place.


I could see this as being used as an Underground entrance for the Horde to raid IF and get to the King.

Excellent! How’d you get in there? Those big locked doors next to the king?

It would be awesome to see huge raids on ironforge!

You have to jump into the Lava in IF and die, but you have to jump in at a place near the entrance to Old IF…

Come back as a spirit and head to IF.

Enter the room to where the King is and immediately on your left is the big locked door… you just walk right through it.

Then you follow the tunnel and if you died in the right place you’ll be able to Resurrect. Explore the vastness of Old IF and then Hearthstone home.

High Five!

God damn GNOMES!!!



You know it!

I dont mind the gnomes, I’m just worried about tripping over them.

Beware of what you say because they may come and invade you:

Heh, it’s sort of an inside joke for night elves. It’s one of the verbal jokes in the game.

That gnome invasion is insane.

gnomes make he best warriors. a 2 foot gnome tanking a 300 ft. dragon is my kind of battle.

now NEs…theyre just worthless hippies.

Shut your pie hole there buddy!

NE’s are where its at…at least they aren’t as bad as stupid humans.

Hold up now… Has Lemrac been Ryan Last the whole time, or is Lemrac just pretending (slash making fun of) Ryan Last…?

None of the Above.

And While Old Ironforge would be a great place to enter IF for raiding purposes, in the future, when it is more “developed” the only place I see Horde appear from in IF, is the Tram, in Tinker Town.

Stupid Horde.

I must go play some more, stupid horde must die.


I’m Ryan Last


No I’m Ryan Last!

See…this is all very funny.

You’re just not getting it. :unamused:

What? are you trying to say ryan is a Ginsu Knife Salesperson?

No one gets it…