Old Daily News building

I’m almost cringing at the new rumours this will kick off, but – does anyone know who purchased the old Daily News building?


Smartass. :smile:

A very well respected business man from rupert.

This is fictional because nobody in Rupert is well respected by all Rupertites. You’re either in league with, or screwed by business people in Rupert.

Was that a bit much? :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Didn’t hear any rumours at all about anyone buying it! They will have to get an eviction notice for whoever it is that broke the security gate at the front door and has set up residence though!

The security gate has not been closed for months and there was a blanket in there last week but gone this week. There was several trucks there a couple of weeks ago, a contractor’s name on one but can’t remember who. A couple of trucks and 4-5 men there today for most of the afternoon, took down the Daily News signs and looked like they were hauling out stuff/junk.

gonna be a new 2 lane bowling alley :smile:

And I’m turning it into a Drive thru Tim Hortons!

Sorry the blanket was back late this afternoon and there was no one around the place at all so don’t know what is happening! Guess someone will fill us in, like the bowing alley idea though !! LOL


gonna be a new 2 lane bowling alley :smile:[/quote]

12 Lanes please… with a sports bar and restaurant. Thanks!

It’s an escort service/massage parlour. They intend to service the entire north west of prince george. They figure it will be very profitable with the crew coming in to do the port expansion.

it’ll be a subsiduary of the canadian press. using the old printer press but sadly the bills won’t be in color :smile:


LOL - well you sorta invited the responses with “I’m almost cringing at the new rumours this will kick off, but…”

Another beer and wine please. Sucks being loaded and need to stagger all the way to the Belmont.

Will it have a drive thru ????

Yes they are calling it their quick lube service.

Seriously? I think we have enough Cold Beer and Wine stores. I like the one on Park avenue, I go there on occasion.

There are no more liquor licenses available in town. Thank goodness it is unreal how many B&W Stores there are for the size of this town