OK, She can run in the election, but she had best just keep quiet

The big boys decide that letting Elizabeth May into the leaders debate would just be a pain…

Green Party Bounced from televised debates…

“The Consortium approached the parties to explore the possibility of including the Green Party in all or part of the Leaders’ Debates. However, three parties opposed their inclusion and it became clear that if the Green Party were included, there would be no Leaders’ Debates.”

theglobeandmail.com/servlet/ … itics/home

I can kind of understand why Smilin’ Jack and Shiftin’ Green Dion don’t want to have her on the stage, since they are the most likely to lose votes to her party, but sheesh Stevie, missed opportunity!

Here’s the perfect chance to lump the NDP, Libs and Greens all together and you let it slip through your fingers…

It’s doubtful that many of the Conservative supporters are contemplating a conversion anytime soon, but if the NDP and Liberals migrate there, the Tories could  see some gains.

As the old saying goes, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”

A good short read:

The fundamental problem with American politics is that a majority of Americans can’t read past the first paragraph in that article.  Never mind understand the argument being made.  It largely falls on deaf, apathetic, and ignorant ears.  “Hussein?  His middle name is Hussein?  I’ve had enough of Husseins!  They are responsible for 9/11!”  That’s the level of debate that wins elections in the US, not reasoned argument in a nation that values superstition over reason. 

Those who can read and understand an argument already know everything mentioned in the article.

So how do you tell a bunch of stupid voters that they are stupid without making them feel stupid so that they recognize their stupidity and start acting on it?

Sounds like a lost cause to me.  Must have hope. :wink:

The Dems are starting to get smart, they’re airing swiftboat style ads on TV, brilliant stuff.  The ads paint McCain as quick-to-temper, not someone you’d want with his finger on the red button.
The GOP is of course calling foul.  So, to answer your question?  Air crap about the other side.  This will not be a high-minded 7 weeks.

So how do you tell a bunch of stupid voters that they are stupid without making them feel stupid so that they recognize their stupidity and start acting on it?[/quote]

“What?  You think you’re better than me with your fancy-schmancy education?”

Why would a New England Yankee, educated at an Ivy-league school, and a superb debater (see debates with Ann Richards) paint himself as a Texan good ole boy, start stuttering and making up words?  George W. Bush was elected in 2004 because he didn’t seem like a smart guy. 

There is hope, but disillusioned hope.  A lot of Americans are fricken smart.  They elected Al Gore on issues, didn’t they?  But to see that election stolen, and then see the 2004 election fought over non-issues… meh, what’s the point?  The stupid are winning over the smart.  The insane are winning over the sane, those who put superstition above reason are in control.


Scary resemblance!