Oil Spill Along Waterfront

They might get a fine that’s about it. I doubt it though.

The port has not been totally honest about this…this individual was there for days and was in plain site.Many people saw him,know who he is etc.The oil was noticed for many days before the port got involved.The bigger question…why were these transformers left there in the first place?

Why do you care?..according to your earlier post, this spill was no big deal and the port and everyone involved is on overkill in their response to it.

You are so cheap.

Hope you are happy,this is YOUR tax dollars at work!

It’s well spent too. Good to see people protecting themselves while doing their job.

Sorry for the late reply.

According to the MSDS on transformer oil - the protective equipment you describe is in accordance with federal law. Occupational Health and Safety regulations state that employers must provide the proper equipment and the employee must wear it. The cost is not the issue, it is law.

MSDS on transformer oil:
bosslubricants.com/pdfs/msds … 20OILS.pdf

A decent summary of WHMIS and MSDS can be found here:
environmentalcomplianceinsider.c … management

Was it tax dollars at work? Was there federal agency involvement in the clean up or was it funded by the Port Authority? In any case, the clean up and response was fast and efficient. Exactly what one would expect in this situation.

Looks familiar.