Oil pipeline

what do we all really think about this subject

remember that douglass channel is very narow and in any rough weather is very dificult to get a freighter through to kitimat .

There does not seem to be any real benifit to the region to warrant such a risk.

Can you post a link for more information on the subject. I would like to be updated on it. Thanks

vancouversun.com/technology/ … story.html

theprovince.com/news/Enbridg … story.html

oilsandstruth.org/kitimat-enbrid … tumen-asia

If they are going to give me money… sure what the hell.

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There is no secure pipeline, the line between Taylor-Kamloops broke in the Pine Pass summer 2000 and it did contaminate Chetwynds water, a new water supply was put in, because the community was drawing their water from the Pine River.  I remember driving through the Pass and the strong smell of oil was awful.


env.gov.bc.ca/eemp/incidents … ina_00.htm

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you cant compare the spill in the gulf of mexico to a pipeline leak - they are very different, the least of which a pipe contains a limited amount of oil, and can be easily shut off. The spill in Mexico is part of the well - which has ooodles of oil and cannot be capped with ease. 

Can we turn watson island into an LNG terminal???  Just a thought.

I’m sure not whether or not I fully support the Enbridge proposal, I think industry brings jobs, which are necessary to the well being of our region, but there is risk involved…the question is…
Is it worth the risk?

Industry may bring jobs, but they also bring their employees with them as well…

Stack, my information was not pertaining to the oil leak in the gulf of Mexico. Fact that an actual pipeline broke in the North and the devastating effect it had on the environment and the people close by.  Mother Nature does claim the land back and it does not matter how safe scientist and oil companies say it is, there is no guarantee!!!

NOOOOO…not employees!!!..Turd Sanwhich will be shit out of luck with his economic stimilus plan…

and the problem with that is? I mean really shouldnt you relocate to where there is work in your field and if you like where you live shouldnt you try to anticipate the type of work there will be and get into that field?

I never understood the bullshit ‘but they wont hire me or you so its bad’ argument.

Picket lines and and signs reading , " hire locals, not yokels"

I shure hope if the project goes underway, the company i work for gets a whole bunch of work…   

Well, saying that they’re creating jobs is kind of bullshit is my point. They don’t create jobs here, they transfer people in. We want jobs for US, not just people in the select few.

It’s not good or bad, I’d prefer not to have an oil pipeline, but really, do we have a choice?

its a matter of having skilled labour…not too much of that around.  Most positions will carry an element of skills, experience and a tarde qualification.