Oh Limpics

:smiley: An un-Godwinized memory:
Remember the 1980 Olympics? In Moscow? The one we all boycotted because the Soviets invaded Afghanistan to toss out fundamentalists and install a Communist puppet?
How the World changes…

Well, you know there’s a difference between us and them … we’re the good guys.  :evil:

And jesus is on our side …

I also meant removing politics from the Olympics was a good thing. Now if we could remove the sucky jocks-should-be-Christian-Republican-role-models instead of just people good at their field, we’d really get somewhere.
Of course some are gonna cheat. But claiming a cup of coffee or a weekend toke is in the same league and scandalous is bullshit.
The glorification, the commercialism and the amount of money spent is nonsense. Legacies of debt, and a handful of flashy sports venues remain. No libraries, no education, research or health facilities.

In Soviet Russia, the Olympic games plays you!