Oh ... corruptions!

Has anyone else sent file attachments and experienced corruption at the other end? In my case it has been pdf files.

What e-mail program? what kind of corruptions?

Outlook Express… the file could’nt be opened, or was opened with garbage characters intead of the original output.

Same file is sent again and it arrives pristine.Yes

teach you to still use anything from microsloth…
90% of our support calls would go away if people would just stop using Outlook.

Blame it on Outlook if you want, but I never had these
probs 'til citytel changed
whatever they changed…

I get lots of emails at hotmail that end up being line after line of only garbage characters, maybe only a couple ever at my citytel address.

What causes them to do that?

The wacky letters allow the words to make it through the filters on conventional words. Like /!@GR@ wouldn’t easily be filtered but viagra would.

Yeah, I guess there have been some changes at Citytel’s e-mail server. Their content filter rejects mail now too, so careful about the words in your subjects :wink:

Interesting example!