Offhsore oil debate heats up

The debate over offshore oil and gas development off of the B.C. coast heated up this week with North Coast MLA Gary Coons saying that drilling in the Queen Charlotte Basin would not be tolerated by the people of the North Coast.

“We want a living ecosystem; even if everyone else in the world thinks that money is more important than life, we don’t. This is our home. We won’t let anyone wreck it, not for money, not for oil,â€

its all talk, don’t believe the hype, about how BC will not allow drilling or extraction of oil or natural gas, right at this moment its not feasible to drill to expensive.
Mark my words when the time comes hands will get greased and the drilling will happen, the oil companies have more lawyers ( a small army) who will lobby the government until they get what they want… money talks  :wink:

Yes, it is too expensive right now. Yes, the efforts will renew when it becomes financially viable.

Regardless of how many palms get greased, I believe that lifting the moratorium on “offshore” oil and gas exploration/extraction would still be tantamount to declaring war on the Haida.

My money is on the Haida people to keep us from this disaster waiting to happen.

I agree with astrothug 100%. I admire Mr Coons stance on this issue but the reality is the fed gov does what it whats,when it wants. I’m Haida and our nation has been opposed to this from the start, but in the end I don’t think our people can stop the all mighty dollar, sad but true.We have stood up for our people and our land from the very beginning but I believe this issue is even bigger than us.

I too lived on Haida Gwaii, and I remember before the offshore moratorium was put into place, there was drilling that happen in the Queen Charlotte Basin, and there might be capped wells already from the exploration that took place.

I hope that we don’t have off shore drilling, but in 10 to 20 years there might not be  any reason not too. we are loosing our ocean species  faster then anyone thinks and once you loose a few key species, the domino effect will continue at expancul rate resulting in a fishery that will collapse and higher employment rates on the north coast…