OCTOBER 8 UPDATE: Nine names now stand for Prince Rupert council

As of 4:30 p.m. on October 8, nine people have filed papers to run for city council, one person has submitted papers to run for Mayor and two people have submitted papers to run for the school board in the City of Prince Rupert. In Port Edward two people will vie for the office of Mayor, one person has submitted papers for council and one for school board trustee.

Don Scott, who served as Mayor from 2000 to 2002 and lost in 2002 by 18 votes, submitted his papers to run for the office of Mayor of Prince Rupert on October 6. Since October 6, Gina Garon, Joy Thorkelson, Sheila Gordon-Payne, Tony Briglio and Kathy Bedard have joined Mario Castelli, Gabe McLean, Nelson Kinney and Patty Greene in having submitted papers for the position of city councillor.

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[quote=“TheNorthernView”] As of four p.m. on October 1, two people have submitted their papers and put their names forward for the forthcoming municipal election in Prince Rupert.

Gabe McLean has submitted his papers for the position of city councillor, and Bart Kuntz has submitted his papers to seek re-election to the school board.

Good on ya’ Northern View - for following this.

It will be very useful information for those considering running. Hopefully we won’t end up with another cluster f*!k - resulting in the same council elected.

I will watch for updates. Great Idea!!

Thanks. The plan is to provide updates Monday to Friday up to and including October 10 when the nomination period closes, and the updates will come shortly after four p.m. each day.