Ocean View closing?

Is there any substance to the closing of the Ocean View Hotel?
Or is it just another wild rumour?

Maybe it’s jealous that the Commercial is getting a summer vacation and wants one too!

Another wild rumor methinks.

Do people not have anything better to do in this town? Are they REALLY that bored?  :unamused:

Could somebody please start some rumours on businesses opening?  All of these businesses closing really gets depressing after a while.

  I doubt it…there doing not bad over there… lunchtimes are pretty busy too…

did you hear we are getting a white castle and a new rink?

i heard werre going to get a keg on the waterfront…right by the lightering dock.
The will put it on a barge and anchor it to the ;ightering dock.

Apparently by August.

Dream the impossible dream, huh?

Canadian Naval Station?
Mill reopening?
Lots of new businesses?
Tons of new restaurants?
Maybe even some new schools?

dailymews a.k.a. king of pessimism

How about Princess of Pragmatism?

maybe they can  buy the mcbarge from expo86 lol

The owners (or lease holders) of the old VIA station told me that they were trying to get a franchise restaurant in there; the name they dropped was Milestones. Of course, they are a year behind schedule in their renos so who knows what their plans are now…if any still exist.

You’re right…'probably a better fit, although there is something else I’m sensing in your posts :wink:

NO the oceanview is NOT closing. Another Prince Rumour.  Not with other business’ closing why would they? Pickin up the slack for other’s now…business is good.

I work at the oceanview and no one told me and my uncle owns the place lol!!!RUMOR lol i would like some time off tho lol

I’m sure I have no idea what you may mean  :wink:

’ was reading some posts (The Big money Question).I may have misinterpreted the motive of the thread. 'probably more pragmatic than fear mongering …my bad.

I’m not upset and we can move on. :smiley: