Occupy Lelu Island

I totally agree on not having a LNG berth that distroys salmon habitat but I totally disagree on how some of these protesters are conducting them selves. I heard this morning that the workers aren’t the only ones getting harassed. The other day the Coast Guard went out the check on the scene and were saluted with one finger waves. I have also heard that they are calling the workers F@ggots as well as other names including mother f#%*ers while racing around dangerously in small skiffs. A few of them are acting like total savages. Now they are shooting female dear on Lelu.(seen on Facebook) I will not support their fight no matter what my belifs are… Ya and they say their not protesting.


Bunch of losers

Pretty sure the fish habitat that they’re trying to “protect” would be ruined before they’re done squatting.

be ruined before they’re done squatting.

Ruined by what??

Wow! This is the first time I’ve seen you write more than two sentences in one post, allycat.

didn’t hear your answer!??

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Nope, where’s my answer? Am I suppose to get one?

Looks like Lelu Island is actually Kitkatla Territory and Lelu is a Chinook word for wolf rather than what Chief Yahaan from Lax Kw alaams is telling us.


Hence why Kitkatla called Port Simpson “disappointing and irresponsible”.

So essentially, Lax Kwalaams is occupying Kitkatla territory?

… and according to the same map Metlakatla is occupying Kitkatla territory, although I doubt that they will be leaving or paying rent anytime soon. I think the key word in the title to the territory map attached to the agreement is “asserted”, as in not proved.

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I wanna build a cabin on crown land. I was born a Canadien, on this land, and I didn’t get to pick my race at birth just like the aboriginals. I am really getting sick of all this my land, your land, our land.

Or just let him vent, comment, etc.

the port is doing the right thing for now let them be but once Petronas gets the go ahead then the protesters better be ready to be uprooted from there, i’m sure the port right now is taking names to get ready for an injunction for that day

Agreed. :smile:

Here is a petition for Yes for LNG. I hope you don’t mind me posting a link here due to it being about the same or similar topic.

Honorable Christy Clark B.C Premier: Say Yes To Lelu Island LNG - Sign the Petition!

Sign to help vote these PROTESTERS off the island.


They’re still there? I forgot they exist. lol

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Some of them are being brought her as professional protesters and getting paid for it. The new bridge by-passes the Floral Banks and will have little to no effect on the salmon.

I am glad we are starting to occupy the island. We need more room for people as Rupert expands. I heard a lot of people will come here for work and need good inexpensive accommodation. This is a good solution.

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