Object over Rupert Skys June 17,2005

While I was out with friends in the front yard one of them spotted something in the sky over town, we were on PRB looking at town. any ways we thought it was a paraglider but it was not driffting towards the ground but instead going up, I grabed my binoculers and a video cam I got some shots but its to shaky to make any real detail on what it was it moved fast and as you can see in the last few frames its just behind a light pole moving away. its just a spec. but the begining of it. it looks large.

here is the link to the video http://www.ghostintheshell.ca/ufo.wmv the video is 1.meg very small download.

might be a damn american fighter jet

looks like a weather balloon to me.

Ahh, how American government. The old “it’s just a weather balloon” response.

It did look like a balloon of some sort. There was a guy out at Ridley last weekend with a hot air balloon, wonder if that might have been it.

I concur, weather balloon.

There has been some compelling testimony concerning UFOs through the Disclosure Project.
Check out the video link: http://www.disclosureproject.org/
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