:astonished:  So, not to sure, has anyone been hearing the rumor that the commercail is looking to close? Someone told me that they are closing on the 15th for something. dunno what* an dunno when they are going to be open back up…could be a week, or more…    has anyone else heard?

the commercial has been for sale for years

This is getting very confusing, one goes to sleep at night and when he or she awake there is something else which is shutting down. I am beginning to wonder who will shut out the lights when its over.

Yes it has been for sale for a VERY long time. :S But, I dunno what is going on about this on the 15th.

Oh come on, we’ve had this discussion before about breakers. OMG IT’S CLOSING DOWN. No it’s freekin not. They’re probably having their yearly holidays or something. How about we all stop posting about things closing? It’s starting to get annoying. Get your facts straight before you say something, this is how rumours start. It’s not hard to go in and ask if you want to know THAT badly… :unamused:

Maybe someone told you this so you can come on this site and start a rumour. 
Then we have some whackos who don’t like it when there are rumours in Prince Rupert post angry comments towards htmf.  And the cycle continues.

I heard the lotto winners are buying the mill and starting it back up.

Yes the Commercial is closing for a week at least on the 15th…Heard it from a very reliable source today


building wont sell, that place is a death trap right now.

  reliable rumors are good

Yes the doors wont be open on the 15th for at least a week

The door was locked at 7:45 tonight. Opening later, maybe?

ya, The NEW hours ARE 9pm-2am.  :angry:

doors locked at 745 pm? were they then open for you at 7 pm?think not.

I actually find the rumours amusing.

  in the 70’s if you weren’t in the door by 8pm , you would be in the lineup to get in… the good 'ol days of decent parties in Rupert

I’ve heard many stories of Rupert in the 70’s.
I also grew up around one of the guys who used to live on cotton street. :stuck_out_tongue: