so i see the NWO :imp: has sent it’s lap dogs (the U.N.) after Canada,i was wondering when they would start the push to bring us one more step toward the North American Union.It’s sad that more people have not noticed this shift in ownership to a group with no comand power over any nation other then the power government has given over to them by means of treason,these government officals should be taken out and hanged! This is a day to be remembered in Canada but will just roll by like so many other seemingly non important days,i hope that when the time comes all will remember the day the U.N. declared war on Canada and started the tides of oppression flowing.

welcome my friends to the beginning of Canada’s Police State :cry:


Where did u find this?

front page of the daily news(not sure were they grabed it from),the U.N. gave Canada 1 year to comply with the recommendations  :unamused:. you don’t recommend and then give a date you had better do it by (thats called telling you not recommending).the issues they are trying to tell Canada to deal with are of valid concern,but this does not make it ok for them to (in a nice way) tell a country to do it our way now! but thats what the NWO is all about.look it up,all of the heads from Canada and the U.S.A. and other top 50 companys have been to secret  :smiley: Bilderberg Group world meetings to plan our future as three main borderless states.lots of government officals from the U.S. have been caught by the media but were never charged with treason as they should have as they are not allowed to go to secret meetings with foreign countries without the president or seneats ok.

Here’s the full Daily News article from the Podunk blog…

atowncalledpodunk.blogspot.com/2 … 7521583466

Though I’m afraid I don’t quite see the overbearing arm of the UN reaching into the nation to launch the New World Order, just an expression of concern over missing women, might help to get some movement on the cases don’t you think.

Embarassment is always a strong motivator… 

i agree but if you look back on past friendly guidence from the great and powerful U.N. arm of god you start to see the bigger picture.did you know that the U.N. is now in control of most if not all U.S. national parks including the grand canyon! the U.N. was set up by members that also got the european union to go through, these same people are at work to have Canada the U.S and mexico as a borderless country known as the North American Union and are at work trying to set up the asian union.there is so much more info if you just open your eyes but the same people know that most will remain stupid and not look for the keystone trademarks of history as it takes far more time to research then it does to close your eyes and hope for the best. NAFTA was not a great gift to us but it was one of the first nail in 3 countries becoming one police state,also just an expression of concern over missing women is not what you have there it is a direct order to fix this now and you will give a report! the hidden in the open point being that a powerless orginization is giving orders to a  sovereign country and being told you WILL DO AS TOLD!I do believe we need to do more to end the murders but 300 or so is nothing compared to 1000 plus in other places,if they are just offering a little nice nudge how about a swift kick to these other places that have 300 as the daily death count.I think you will find that the other places generate to much money with the dead bodies to get any real concern and it does not advance the sought out Unions.i know there is way way way more info about this and i have not even scratched the surface but if you try looking its not to hard to put the puzzle together.

Um is it wierd that all I got out of that was blah blah blah about missing women?

if the leaders of the NWO mandate punctuation, then maybe we should let them rule.

dude…I dont get this stuff?  weird

the last 3 posts are the responce they want from us,i don’t get it and just let them do what they want i don’t care your just nuts.look into things you don’t get and ask why, the biggest weapon the regular jane and joe has is thinking for yourself.anyone that just turns the otherway so they can ignore the problem or not have to think gets what they should! complet and total enslavement.

here is a good read for anyone, Report of an Independent Task Force on agreed upon ideas from all 3 countries it outlines the course of canada the us and mexico for the future.scary stuff :astonished:

scribd.com/doc/203446/2005-0 … -Community