What chipset do you prefer?

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  • ATI

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So what is Nvidia going to do about the rising popularity in ATI’s 9000 series of video cards? Has anyone heard how Nvidia is going to slay those ATI devils?


nVidia GeForce 4 Ti4600, pwnage!


Ati 9000’s series has the same chip set as the 9700, just cut down and made more afordible, not sure who good it is thou. Radeon 9700’s the best video card out there!


Just because Radeon is the “fastest” does not mean that GeForce does not pwn!


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GeForce owns everyones mom in Prince George :smiley:


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geforce fx will be the radeon 9700 killer, available for retail sale in february 2003.


When i said 9000 series i obvously meant every ATI card from 9000-9999 dummy.
But my question is not answered. Does Nvidia have Geforce 5 announced yet?


[quote=“Iceman”]When i said 9000 series i obvously meant every ATI card from 9000-9999 dummy.
But my question is not answered. Does Nvidia have Geforce 5 announced yet?[/quote]

ell. ohh. ell.

check my previous post dude.



ell. ohh. ell.

check my previous post dude.[/quote]

Yeah, you posted a minute or less before me.
GeForce FX eh… I thought that was the Nvidia branch that was helping developers improve game performance.


The Radeon 9000 is not the same as the Radeon 9700. The 9000 is a stripped down, slower version of the 8500. If you want a stripped down 9700, you have to wait a week for the 9500 series to be released.

Don’t count on it. Nvidia is behind, and won’t catch up any time soon. They missed a product cycle, and will be fucked for many product cycles to come. People think that the GeforceFX will save Nvidia, but here’s a reality check: the GeforceFX is not fully DirectX 9 compatible. Yes, that’s right. They don’t do displacement mapping, which is a requirement for full compatibility. As well, by the time that the GeforceFX is finally out, guess what? A new rev. of the Radeon9700 line will be out, supporting DDR-II. Nvidia is behind. Nvidia sucks. Live with it. ATI is on top, and will be for the forseeable future.


nVidia pwns! And from what I have read and heard these new GeForce FX cards are supposed to be really super duper!


that sounded like you have alot of information there!
Ignorance is bliss eh?
Long Live ATI!


i’d love to be a dedicated ati fan but my radeon 8500 (got it when it first came out) has been the cause of countless lockups and has forced me to format my system a number of times.


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Noboby cares about your opinion of Nvidia, 'cause you’re just an Nvidiot who knows nothing about the graphics card world. You just have this false hope that your Geforce 4 “powns” any ATI card, despite the fact that the current ATI speed demon, the 9700, is, at times, up to 250% faster. Yes, 250% faster. That’s only using anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering though. Average speed boost is about 80%. As for GeforceFX, I don’t know where you’re getting your information, but the GeforceFX is still a DirectX 8.1 card, technically. Right now, and even next year, ATI will be the only company with DirectX 9 compatibility.

Yeah, I heard that quite often when the 8500’s first came out. Back then, ATI was still pretty iffy when it came to drivers, so that’s what most likely causes lockups and formats. But, to this day, I’ve never had my computer lock up as a result of the graphics drivers. I can’t say the same about my Geforce2 GTS card. I’ve seen that dreaded “infinite loop” crash screen in XP before. That happened only once to me, though.


Source: The Tech Report review of the Radeon 9500

Or, to put thing in prespective, even ATI’s midrange, Geforce4 Ti4200 competitor in cost whoops the ass of a card that costs twice as much. Nvidia is what, Dylan?


A quote from the end of the review:


Ok, ok, Radeon is “better” than GeForce, but you must admit that nVidia does make a pretty deasent video card. I guess that I lean towards GeForce because I, and along with many others, have had some pretty ugly Radeon expieriences.


according to this article from thg the geforce fx has full directx 9 support, plus some features that far surpass directx 9 specifications.