Nuther Mac question

How does a Mac ‘find’ new hardware? Plugged in a cheapo webcam and my USB phone and booted my Mini. A green light comes on on the phone, the light doesnt come on on the webcam and nothing else happens.
So there’s no “found new device insert driver CD” popup? Do you need to put the drivers in first?
I see a USB VOIP PHONE and a PC CAMERA in the system profiler so it knows they’re there. They MUST need a driver!

2nd question:

Do ALL tech support sites and consumer contact forms on the Net return “SQL errors” or is this just a digital equivalent to automated phones that route you in circles and then hang up so you wont bother them?

If you haven’t gotten this to work yet, try iChat.  See if the cam works there.  If not, you’ll need a driver.

Add me as a contact, my AIM name is “dozefrogs”.

im on Ichat too…



nah the cam is one of those ‘precious star manufacturing’ things with no Mac driver, no listing on the english site for specs.
I have a creative live ultra that they wont release a XP64 driver for, maybe I’ll bring it home one day.

Jason, you did some work with copiers. Any idea where I could hunt down an XP64 driver for a docucolor 2240 or 1634? The Xerox scanner driver works but not the printer driver. Ask 800 support and they put you on hold until the fast busy comes on…

There’s a nice generic webcam driver that works with many different brands and OEM cameras (including the no-name wal-mart specials).  Want to try it?

I could ask one of the head tech’s for xerox if you like…

UGG sorry my eyes are all wonky just played 1 hour of Ghost recon :smile: I defiantly need a bigger Monitor.