Anyone know if there are any nursing jobs available in Rupert, besides the hospital? My wife is a registered nurse in the U.S. currently and will be looking for something with decent hours when we get there in July? :smiley:

woudl suggest the health unit the shifts are straight days M-F go to and click on job postings.

Good luck.

Other regions would be out post nursing thru the Govt ie in Port Simpson a reservation about  an hour away. You do 2 weeks in and one or 2 out … you live on the reserve so you don’t pay taxes. ( housing is provided lots of nurses do this and have Rupert as their home base)

Does she have any experience Team Leading or With Mental Health? 
Mental Health and Addictions needs a Crew Nurse as well as a Team Leader…
Hours/ Days M-F 
Or other public  health nurse positions are available… 

There are currently a couple of postings for Home and Community nursing. The hospital is always looking for nurses. The shifts are vary on each floor. On 4th floor where I work the RNs work 8 hour shifts days and evenings. The other floors work 12 hours, 2 days 2 nights and then off for a bunch. Definitely check out the website.

Thank you all! I will look into those sites!