Now that we know who's running


I don’t know if you can edit your own poll or not–if you can you might want to add “Not sure yet.”

I don’t know enough about either candidate to make a decision yet.


I don’t really see much campaigning.

I got a blurry inkjet brochure (20 lb copy paper) telling me all about how long candidate X has lived here, etc.
Same candidate who went to the mining conference with business cards that had his Chamber Presidency on the front and the name of his business on the back.

C’mon down check out Tackytown…

Is there anyone out there who knows of Candidate Public Forum? Looking forward to this and seeing the good candidates and the ones who cancel your vote so vote for that one or two you trust not just the ones who come out to play at election time, hardly get to know them in between those four years. So anything on All Candidate?

I’m having trouble choosing also. I think I have electile disfunction.

LMAO…awesome. :sunglasses:

I need to know when and where the Public Forum is going to go down. It is important that we have such and see what is available to us. I can just imagine getting stuck with one of those moles which come out every four years and not knowing the real issues.

I think we’ve seen this race before! The last time the “victor” jumped ship shortly after taking the helm. That alone would make me think twice about casting my vote in that direction but I’m feeling a bit of that previously mentioned dysfunction myself!

yep-think its gonna be a close one

For some reason I feel that Don Scott is the man this time and he will not jump ship too soon, he is a good man , listener and very approachable he has this vote.

[quote=“mcsash - from another thread”]
OUt of curiosity …what ar ethe social issues you had concerns with and are they with in the realms of a municipal politician? [/quote]

Social issues in Prince Rupert range from high levels of child abuse/neglect through to lack of services to those living with addictions and/or mental illness.

I submit that ALL issues that affect the residents of Prince Rupert are within the realm of our City Hall.

Very few - if any - of the issues affecting us can be solved by ANY SINGLE level of government. We definitely need a City Hall not afraid to realistically diagnose the ills and urge solution-oriented partnerships with other levels of government - and community!

I believe that addressing despair, fear and apathy in our own neighbours is everyone’s concern - especially locally elected leadership.

Finding solutions will require some new ways of thinking and approaching problems. After all, according to Einstein ‘we cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it’.

As much as many people claim to want change - most resist change as a frightening unknown.

The next council will need to be a strong and compassionate team.

Well thank you for that Erika, I happy to see you are using this medium and keep those thoughts and words coming you know who I am and you know where I am going. Social issues are very important to me.