Nova Scotia tries to lure Letterman

They’re pulling out all the stops to get Letterman to come up for a visit to Nova Scotia…

I didnt watch it because thats not my style but I can only assume this is their attempt at showcasing nova scotia for what it is. A good place to go and die?

LOL, well I’m sure I speak for many as to shudder at just what may be your “style”… :imp:

I’m sure that you will share with us some of your snap shots from your last visit to the province though, since  you have such a strident impression of the place…

Nova Scotia’s a pretty awesome place.

Actually my grandparents are from NS I was just trying to be funny (also secretly hoping letterman would die already… fuck he’s annoying).

From the pictures I’ve seen it looks like a fantastic place and I’ve considered moving there many times.  As for my style, I’d have to say goth, I loves my dark eyeliner.

This is basically because Ellen Page from “Juno” was on Letterman, and she invited him to visit Nova Scotia.

BTW, Page was Treena Lahey on “Trailer Park Boys”  – which is also filmed in Nova Scota.

The grass is always greener…  my teenage neices and nephews claim there’s so many wrinkly old people they tell other young people they’re from “Nova Scrotia”.