Not so light reading for the Christmas season

Christmas usually brings out some of the lighter fare when it comes to reading.

Stories of Santa and Grinches, Reindeer and Drummer boys, and of course the stories of ancient Bethlehem and wandering Kings in search of a baby boy.

But, this Christmas, some of the reading material is more akin to Halloween, scary tales of fear that will leave you hiding under the covers wondering what’s to come next.

Vanity Fare in December is featuring an interesting article on the American Economy, as Nobel laureate, Joseph E. Stiglitz examines what almost eight years of the Bush Administration have done to the once dominant American economy…

( from  the blog a town called podunk,  click on the link below to see the entire article … 9809500723) –

The last seven years have been disturbing to watch from the sidelines as Bush single-handedly, systematically crippled the US economy.  It is almost as if he deliberately set out to do it, but, then again, he’s not that bright.
I find it ironic that as the representative of the GOP Bush has spent more money than any Democrat would ever think of doing.  If Gore was elected president in 2000 he probably would have pursued the real culprits in 9/11.
It will take America a long time to recover from the Bush administration.  I truly hope that America will not elect a Republican president in 08.