Not just a raise in pay; but endless days of Swim and Play!

“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than othersâ€

Funny, in a city where the full time workers are already VERY highly paid, this is just a bit too over the top for management to be tossing out. “Stupid” was the exact word used by the person I mentioned this too-who was the individual who started this snowball rolling by offering the cops and firefighters this perk in the first place???


Well as it was said in the letter to the editor today , we must speak up and let our voices be heard loud and clear. This is complete bullshit on every elected members slate and we must remember these slates come November. I think the recreational director is not keeping his thinking hat on with these kinds is moves. I know him and he is a DAM GOOD PERSON FOR THIS COMMUNITY BUT he is either sticking too close to Hollywood or whatever. I just do not agree with this vote by council and they should have an emergency meeting and say the hell with this bullshit, we made another big mistake Herb.

I fail to see what the big deal is–it’s a perk offered to city workers by their employer. Are we gonna see letters to the editor that CUPE members get better health benefits than the “poor people”?