Northwest Weekly

Well it took a few weeks longer than first mentioned, but apparently the Northwest Weekly is officially closed now… of course, just because I had a story in it this week.

Did anyone else not get a Daily Snooze today?

Ya, I didnt get one either. They must be waiting until tomorrow so that they can put some grad stuff in it, lame.

there was a problem with the press, thats why there wasn’t a friday paper

I heard they ran out of paper

All you have to do is look in the window of the press room and you’ll see they have plenty of paper. Friday’s paper will be pressed today.

I heard the carriers went on strike

Come on this Prince Rumors it was an act of terrorism!!!
The Daily news was infiltrated by the al-Qa’ida, Osama bin Laden had a plan that involves The Mill being used as a Toxic chemical plant as well as a nuclear testing site, The Daily News was the first to break the story, they were going to run it on the front Page of Fridays paper, but a nano- bomb was planted by al-Qa’ida in the printing press which exploded causing the gears to stop. :smiling_imp: