Northern View Delivery?

Just wonderin’ before I call their offices but is the View supposed to be delivered weekly as we (neighbours on my block) have not received one for at least 4 months now !  We haven’t received the Connector either  :|

Meh, it’s not like there’s anything of interest in there anyways. They rarely speak of rupert.

You wait four months before wondering where the paper is?  What exactly are you going to complain about, being too lazy to call before? Obviously it wasn’t an issue for you until the Daily closed.

So maybe just ask if they can add your address to the usual Wednesday delivery cycle.

Well that’s not quite true.  Yesterday, I read the View in detail for the first time and for the most part the articles are about Rupert.  But, the one weekly edition is not much more than one day of the Daily News. (I miss the Daily News.)  

The Connector on the other hand is rarely about Rupert, except when rehashing a story already told in the View.  But I think its purpose is to inform us of events in other communities.

You don’t have to be so snarky about it  :unamused:  I wasn’t complaining, I was asking and NO, it was a non-issue when the News was in print because the News was in print and I didn’t notice it until I realized that it will be our only source for Rupert news.  Oh and NO Smurfette, I am far from lazy  :imp:

Snarky? Gee maybe go back and re read some of your comments towards ajaye and others to see what snarky is. :unamused: :unamused:

Maybe everyone should do that then.  No one is innocent of abusing others on this board including you. :unamused:  :unamused:

Kettle - black  :unamused:

I thought that is what I just said. No one would mean me also, at least I admit I have gone after people on here but so has everyone else.  Maybe you should re-read your own posts.

All I hear is


Codybear, a few months ago I did not receive the Northern View, so I went into the office and let them know.  They did follow up with a call to make sure I was receiving the paper.  Best thing?  Go to the office, perhaps a call would work too and let them know.  Being polite and pleasant sure did help.  I know you will be able to get your paper because you are a wonderful person too!!!  :smile:

  I have two chocolate bars in the fridge, and I’m willing to share it with you girls  :smiley:

 I called the Northern View this AM  624-8088,and they will be delivering the paper this evening… sweet…
The receptionist was very apologetic, because the east end is having problems with the consistency of deliveries… that’s okay… I will look forward to it…  :-)